Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your air duct is essential for having good air quality in your home. All of the dust that you see in your registers is exactly what is residing inside your duct, and most likely more than that. You will also notice that there is a lot of dust resting on your furnace even if you have just cleaned your home. Of course, the most alarming thing is that you are breathing in all that dust! This significantly effects people suffering from allergies and respiratory conditions. Many of our client suffer from allergies and asthma. All of our customers, allergic, or not, immedately feel the difference after the air duct cleaning has been completed. Then they can breathe easily and freely. They explain it as " like a breath of fresh air," as if something had been lifted off of their chest. If you just read this and feel like this is you, not to worry, it is not too late to give us a call and have one of our professionals come out to you and give your ducts good cleaning!

The process of cleaning air ducts is as follow:

• The crew will connect a negative air machine to the main air supply to create air suction,

• They will then open all the air registers in the house and cover them to improve suction and to prevent the dust and debris from falling into your home.

• The crew will then proceed to brush to clean each register loosing up all the dust that reside inside the ducts, which will then be vacuumed by the machine.

• The same process will be performed to the returns, if necessary.

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