Furnace Cleaning

In order to keep your system running efficiently, and to prevent your system from dying out in the middle of the winter, it is imperative that you maintain your furnace with an annual cleaning and tune-up. Below are the most important reasons why your furnace needs maintenance.

Higher Utility Bills

Think of your motorblower as a magnet, it attracts and holds on to dust, dirt, dog hair, and any kind of particle that is in the air surrounding it. This, of course, overtime accumulates in the motorblower and the blower itself, which naturally slows down the productivity of your system. Why is this important, you ask? Well, the answer to that is quite simple. The less efficient your system is, the harder it has to work to produce the same result. Not only will your house take a lot longer to reach the temperature desired, but it will also increase your electricity and gas bills considerably.

Damages and Repair Costs Additionally: __

Maintaining your furnace will give you peace of mind by reducing damages in the system and possible repair costs that can very well be prevented by performing an annual cleaning. One way to think about it is comparing your furnace to your car engine. If the engine is checked, maintained, and serviced when needed, your car will run smoothly and is less likely to break down. Now, your furnace works the exact same way. To keep it running properly and extend the life of your furnace, you must care for it and maintain it in good condition. People who don't perform maintenance on their furnaces find themselves spending large amounts of money on emergency repairs for damages in their HVAC systems.

Air Quality and Safety Essentially:

You breathe in all of the air that is in your furnace, since it is blown into the air duct system and then back into your home. This can affect your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Since the furnace needs some sort of fuel to create heat, any kind of leak or crack will release carbon monoxide into your home and could compromise your and your family's safety.

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