Dryer Vent Cleaning

As you may be aware, dryer vents, if not serviced can be a big fire hazard. Lint, clothing, dryer sheets, as well as nests may be residing in your dryer vent; these items gather up and eventually cause your dryer to over heat. This of course, can result in your dryer vent catching on fire. It is for that reason that cleaning your dryer vent once a year is imperative. Cleaning your dryer vent not only reduces the risk of a fire in your home, but it also benefits you in a few other ways. Let's start off by stating that the time that it takes for your clothes to dry will be reduced. If you start noticing that your dryer takes more than a cycle or two to dry your clothes, it is because lint and other things are causing a blockage and therefore it takes longer for your clothes to get the required heat it needs to dry properly during the initial cycle. In turn, your clothes also lose their shape and their life because they are being exposed to heat for longer periods of time. Another item that loses life is your dryer itself because it is working harder than it needs to. By default, if your dryer is working harder, then you are using more electricity and spending more money on your bill every month. All of these costs and headaches can be avoided by simply servicing your dryer once a year.

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